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Triptorelin is a Gonadotrophin releasing Hormone Analogue (GnRHa) which acts at the level of the hypothalamus. As a depot preparation, it causes saturation of hypothalamic receptors which results in down-regulation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis.

Therapeutic indications:

Men: Prostatic carcinoma

Treatment of hormone dependent locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer.

Women: Uterine fibroids (myomas); Endometriosis

Preoperative reduction of myoma size to reduce the symptoms of bleeding and pain in women with symptomatic uterine myomas. 
Symptomatic endometriosis confirmed by laparoscopy when suppression of the ovarian hormonogenesis is indicated to the extent that surgical therapy is not primarily indicated.

Children: Central precocious puberty

Treatment of confirmed central precocious puberty (girls under 9 years, boys under 10 years).

Dosage and method of administration:

The product should only be used under the supervision of an appropriate specialist having requisite facilities for regular monitoring of response. 
The treatment of children with triptorelin should be under the overall supervision of the paediatric endocrinologist or of a paediatrician or endocrinologist with expertise in the treatment of central precocious puberty.

The dosage of one syringe, equivalent to 3.75 mg triptorelin, is injected every 28 days either subcutaneously (e.g. into the skin of the abdomen, the buttock or thigh) or deep intramuscularly. The injection site should be changed each time. Following reconstitution of the powder, the suspension has to be injected immediately. 

Once every four weeks an injection with one syringe, equivalent to 3.75 mg triptorelin. In order to continually suppress testosterone levels, it is important to comply with a 4-weekly administration.

- Uterine myomas and endometriosis: 
Once every four weeks an injection with one syringe, equivalent to 3.75 mg triptorelin. The treatment must be initiated in the first 5 days of the cycle.

Dosing at the beginning of treatment should be based on body weight. One injection of triptorelin should be injected on days 0, 14, and 28 and thereafter, one injection every 4 weeks. Should the effect be insufficient, the injections may be given every 3 weeks. Dosing should be based on body weight according to the table. 
Body weight 
‹ 20 kg 
1.875 mg (half dose) 
20 – 30 kg 
2.5 mg (2/3 dose) 
› 30 kg 
3.75 mg (full dose) 


Known hypersensitivity to triptorelin, poly-(d,l lactide coglycolide), dextran, or to any of the excipients. Hypersensitivity to gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) or any other GnRH analogue. 
In women:
- Pregnancy 
- Lactation period

Undesirable effects:

Hot flushes, bone pain, dysuria, impotence, erectile dysfunction, decreased libido

Hot flushes, bone pain, mood changes, decreased libido, vaginal bleeding/spotting in the early stages of treatment, vaginal dryness, dyspareunia.

Very rare cases of allergic reactions, localized or generalized, including anaphylactic reactions have been reported after injection of Gonapeptyl Depot.

A full list of less common undesirable effects is available on