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Propess® vaginal delivery system is a pessary containing the active ingredient dinoprostone, which is a naturally occurring female hormone also known as prostaglandin E2.

Propess® is indicated for the priming of and preparing the cervix for induction of labour at term. The active ingredient acts upon the tissues of the cervix to cause softening which may also result in contractions of the uterine muscle.

The Propess® pessary is inserted by a healthcare professional, high up into the posterior fornix of the vagina. It is a slow-release preparation so that the active ingredient gradually exerts its effect over a period of up to 24 hours.

In the event that its action is no longer required, the pessary is fitted with a tape which allows for immediate and complete retrieval from the vagina.

Use of the pessary may be followed by oxytocin infusion, after a minimum of 30 minutes has elapsed.

Propess® vaginal delivery system should not be used when labour has already started and is to be used with caution in the presence of ruptured membranes.  Propess® is not to be used in the presence of any contraindication to the induction of labour or to vaginal delivery.