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HSCL Reduced Operating Hours

Please be advised that due to the surge in positive Covid-19 cases,  HSCL has opted to reduce our opening hours in an effort to limit exposure of our staff to the public.


Should you have any inquiries or orders and are unable to reach us via our office telephone, you may contact us via text message on 288-5544 or send an email to hscl@healthcarecbn.com.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused and urge you to take the necessary precautions for your safety during these perilous times.



Wear a Mask. Save Lives.

#LetsTalkAboutMasksAndCovid19   #StopCovid19  #SlowTheSpread #WearYourMask  #DoYourPart #ProtectYourself #ProtectEachOther

HSCL is doing our part to help slow/stop the spread of Covid-19 while still serving you!

Reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and #MaskUp.

Pictured below is Mrs. Debra McWilliams Wilson (HSCL Medical Representative) and Mr. Noel Johnson (HSCL Sales Representative).

HSCL Staff Training: Pharmacovigilance


A snippet from the HSCL Staff Training Workshop Highlighting the Processes and Actions in #Pharmacovigilance.

On Monday 29th May 2020, our Pharmacovigilance workshop was successfully chaired by our Company Pharmacist, Mr. David Amoroso Rph and our Regulatory Affairs Associate, Ms. Celine Choo Woon Chee.