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Product Description:

FIRMAGON (degarelix) is an LHRH (GnRH) antagonist which has a mechanism of action that is different from traditional LHRH agonist therapy commonly used to treat some diseases. Decreasing hormone levels can cause some tumor cells to die, thus reducing the size and delaying its growth.


Advantages of  FIRMAGON (degarelix):

  • Reduction of testosterone to castration levels within 3 days;
  • Rapid control of PSA levels;
  • Reduction of tumor size by about 36% in 3 months

FIRMAGON (degarelix) is especially beneficial under the following conditions:

  • at risk for cardiovascular events
  • advanced disease
  • high PSA

FIRMAGON (degarelix) is also used as neoadjuvant therapy prior to radiotherapy, and for Intermittent Androgen Deprivation (IAD)

FIRMAGON (degarelix) is not a cure for prostate cancer but can delay and reduce early mortality in certain groups.

FIRMAGON (degarelix) is administered as a monthly subcutaneous injection

FIRMAGON (degarelix) is not a cure for any disease but can delay and reduce early mortality invcertain groups.


Starter dose: Box of vials x 2 (120 mg)

Maintenance dose: Box of vial x 1 (80 mg)