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Control nocturia for increased sleep.

Product Description:

DDAVP INJECTION (desmopressin) was developed by Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Its active ingredient is desmopressin.

DDAVP INJECTION (desmopressin) is a peptide-based synthetic analogue of human antidiuretic  hormone, vasopressin. DDAVP INJECTION (desmopressin) mimics the action of vasopressin on the kidneys to increase the reabsorption of water thereby reducing the volume of urine produced while the person sleeps.


Cases of Nocturia due to excessive urine production and Central Diabetes Insipidus can be treated successfully and safely with DDAVP INJECTION (desmopressin).

DDAVP INJECTION (desmopressin) is fast acting and has a duration of action of a normal night’s sleep.


Box of ampoules x 10 (4 mcg / 1 ml)